Taylor Broadley
Writer/Director/Producer/Composer/Photographer/Lighting & Sound Designer
Hailing from Perth, Australia, Taylor has a love for endearingly heartfelt, personal stories that don’t shy away from the uncomfortable.
   Growing up with family friends running a video store, and dancing along to musical films in his living room, Taylor grew attached to the arts at an early age and has never let go; playing music since he was 8 years old, writing small comic books using stick figures in his free time, and making music videos for his friends in high school, the arts has been a persistent part of his life in many forms. While initially believing he wanted to go into performance, Taylor was soon drawn into writing and developing original concepts of his own, particularly stories tied to music. 
   During his undergraduate career Taylor worked as a production designer on shorts such as ROBOT (featured in the Cannes Short Film Corner), and as associate producer on Avalon Park. A string of theatre productions awaited him post-graduation, resulting in a Best of Theatre Fringe Award Nomination for An Inordinate Number of Steves, his Fringe Festival directing debut, and coincided with a streak of professional work as a theatre technician, designer, and events photographer. 
    Taylor found a renewed agency for creating original works following a hospital scare, inspiring him to compose, direct and produce two original musicals, The Killdeer and A Boy Wanted To, both of which were performed at The State Theatre Centre of WA. After a few years’ hiatus away from film sets and trying to ride a wave of momentum, he was accepted into a Masters of Screenwriting at the WA Screen Academy at which he wrote and produced the short I Am Ghost. As of 2021 Taylor as worked on over 30 film and theatrical productions in roles ranging from 1st AD to Stills Photographer to Director and Producer. 
Taylor is hireable in a number of different roles across the worlds of photography, film, and theatre. 
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